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Stem Cell Therapy

Using a concentrated form of your own animal’s natural healing cells derived from fat tissue, these cells are capable of differentiating into a variety of tissue types including tendon, ligament, bone, cartilage, and muscle to reduce pain and inflammation. The cells are delivered to an area of damaged tissue where they stimulate regeneration and help repair the damaged tissue. The main goal of stem cell therapy is to provide long-term anti-inflammatory effects, slow the progression of disease and cartilage degeneration and promote the healing of damaged tissue.

ASECB & Vet-Stem – the World Leader in Veterinary Regenerative Medicine

To offer this amazing technology in Brevard, the Animal Specialty & Emergency Center of Brevard partners with Vet-Stem, a worldwide leader in veterinary regenerative stem cell medicine. Vet-Stem is a team of veterinarians, scientists, technicians and support staff dedicated to delivering safe and effective stem cell therapy to practicing veterinarians for the benefit of pet owners.

Vet-Stem has worked with veterinarians for more than eight years to treat dogs with osteoarthritis and orthopedic, soft tissue injuries, and during this time have seen greater than 80% of dogs show an improved quality of life. Stem cells may be collected to treat your pet’s current, or future, injuries or illnesses.

Current Uses


  • Hip, knee, elbow, shoulder

  • Polyarthritis

Orthopedic/Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Tendon

  • Ligament

Rehabilitation Therapy

  • Following surgery

  • Use in conjunction with other therapies

Lifetime Stem Cell Therapy

Steminsure is a service that creates and banks a small number of Stem Cells that can be cultured to provide a lifetime of stem cell therapy for your dog. You can collect cells while your dog is young and healthy and in the future when your dog needs stem cells, you will have what you need to treat your beloved pet. There are costs related to culturing, banking and storage of stem cells. Current uses include arthritis and soft tissue injuries, but continued research and development could result in other uses such as kidney, liver, heart and immune related diseases.

How Do You Decide If It’s Right for Your Pet?

  1. Is your dog not responding well or not tolerating medications?

  2. Has your veterinarian determined that orthopedic surgery would not help your dog?

  3. Does your dog have osteoarthritis, immune medicated polyarthritis or a tendon or ligament injury?

  4. Does your dog need long-term pain medication?

  5. Do you prefer a more natural and holistic approach to wellness using your dog’s own stem cells?

  6. Did your pet just have surgery and you would like to accelerate their recovery?

What to Expect

  • During a surgical procedure a small sample is collected and shipped overnight to Vet-Stem for processing and banking.

  • Within 48-hours, the cells are returned to the hospital and injected in large concentrations in the area of injury. Because the cells are taken from your pet’s own tissue, there is almost no risk of rejection.


  • Approximately 80% of dogs have slight to significant improvement, and the reported duration of the effect is 3-24 months.

  • After 90 days, 33% of dogs discontinued the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and another 28% were able to decrease dependency on drugs.

  • Studies show significant improvement in pain, range of motion, and more than 80% of dogs had an improved quality of life.

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