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A Second Chance Leads to A Champ

A collage of Chances' before and after photos

Chance, a 10-year-old boxer, was found by animal services as a stray in Pasco County, FL. Touch of Grey Rescue saw his picture and was immediately inspired to take him as a Hospice Foster after seeing such resilience in his eyes. The day he was picked up, the first thing Chance’s rescuers recognized was his sweet soul. The next thing they noticed was a large mass that had taken residence in his mouth. Due to his condition, outreach for veterinary care was communicated to the community of Melbourne, FL for treatment options.

ASEC’s own, Dr. Monica Morgado, who holds a passion and talent for advanced dental care, learned about Chance’s story on social media. She felt the need to help and contacted Touch of Grey Rescue to offer a free consultation. Aftermultiple diagnostics and advanced dental imaging, Dr. Morgado determined that surgical removal could be performed on the mass. Although this would be a complex procedure, Dr. Morgado trusted in her training and surgical capabilities, with the hope of greatly improving his comfort and quality of life. She believed this was a “chance” worth taking.

Moved by the aspiration for Chance to live a better future, he was given a new name before his surgery: Champ, to reflect his resilient and champion-like spirit.

The surgery was intricate and demanding, lasting several hours. However, Dr. Morgado persisted, knowing that his future relied on her efforts. Ultimately, the procedure was successful, and the oral tumor was removedwith clean margins. Champ made a remarkable recovery, with no traces of the once-threatening cancerous mass and a new winning smile to replace it!

"When I received his final biopsy report, I was shocked to learn that we had probably cured his cancer," said Dr. Morgado, “I had to confirm with a second pathologist to be absolutely sure. Once the second report arrived, [it] confirmed clean margins. The emotions that I felt at that moment brought me to tears…”

Champ's story emphasizes the impact of compassionate actions. Dr. Morgado was driven to help, and Champ’s story is a reminder of the impact we make on animals as well as the impression they make on us.

“As a veterinarian, we all have moments when we doubt our professional paths and sometimes wonder if we are in need of a change or if our calling is in a different branch of veterinary medicine or even a different industry. Champ's case was not only a turning point in his life but also in mine,” said Dr. Morgado. “Thank you, Champ, and thank you A Touch of Grey for trusting in me and my capabilities as a surgeon and as a caring veterinarian.”  

We are thankful to Champ and Touch of Grey Rescue for their trust in our medical care and the meaningful imprint they’ve made in our work.