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Animal Specialty & Emergency Center of Brevard

Patient Care

At Animal Specialty & Emergency Center of Brevard, Patient Health is Our #1 Priority.

Dr. Kuchembuck, emergency veterinarian poses with a patient.

24 Hour Care

Pets are NEVER alone and NEVER without the medical supervision of a veterinarian at ASECB. We always have a veterinarian and multiple technicians on duty.

In the case of a potential complication, a veterinarian can handle the situation right away instead of being called in from home or worse – waiting until morning to address the situation. A gentle voice and caring hands are never more than a few feet away.

Dr. Beale tends to a patient in an ICU crib.

Critical Care

Diligent nursing care, advanced diagnostics, individualized therapies, nutrition, and continuous monitoring give your pet comprehensive, 24-hour critical care to avoid potential complications and strive for a return to health. This level of care gives a pet that arrives in critical condition the best opportunity to improve and return home.

Many of these critical patients are placed in ICU Cribs. These cribs look similar to a baby crib with high side rails. The crib allows our team to have immediate access to the patient from ALL sides, not just the front of a traditional cage or crate. The crib is set up with a monitoring unit and fluid infusion pumps. If necessary, ICU patients are provided with a dedicated bedside technician.

Whiteboard Terminal at a treatment station.


At ASECB, we use a computerized whiteboard system that helps us keep the treatment area running smoothly and efficiently and ensures that all of our patients receive the exact treatments ordered by the veterinarian. Patient Treatment and orders are scheduled and described in detail on a minute-by-minute calendar system so that the patient always receives the necessary medications or treatments at the time the veterinarian has prescribed. Treatments performed even one second later than the scheduled time are highlighted in red, alerting all staff that this treatment is a priority.

Questions about patient care? Need to speak to a team member? Don’t hesitate to contact us at 321-725-5365.

We know veterinary expenses can add up and you may not have prepared for a pet emergency.

Find out more about our payment and care financing options by clicking the link below.