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Animal Specialty & Emergency Center of Brevard

Brave Maltese Puppy Overcomes Dental Challenge with a Bright Smile

Lola's dental before and after photos

Lola, a spirited 9-month-old Maltese, has emerged victorious after undergoing a dental procedure to address persistent deciduous dentition, commonly known as retained puppy teeth.

Lola's owner, dedicated to providing the best care for her furry companion, brought her to the expert hands at Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Brevard (ASEC) due to concerns about debris accumulation between Lola's baby and adult teeth. The culprit behind this dental challenge was identified as a lack of space or "crowding," a common issue in small-breed puppies.

Dr. Monica Morgado, from the Dental & Oral Surgery department, emphasized the importance of addressing retained puppy teeth promptly, as failure to do so could predispose Lola to tartar accumulation and periodontal disease over the years. Lola's case highlighted the significance of proactive dental care in ensuring the long-term health and well-being of our four-legged friends.

Fortunately, Lola underwent a successful procedure to extract the persistent puppy teeth, preventing potential complications down the road. The dental team worked diligently to remove debris and create a healthy environment for Lola's adult teeth to thrive. Lola's resilience shone through as she bounced back to her usual spunky self the same night as the procedure.

Lola's owner, now equipped with the knowledge and tools to maintain Lola's dental health, expressed relief and joy at seeing her beloved pet back to normal. With the green light from Dr. Morgado, Lola's mom can now incorporate regular teeth brushing into Lola's routine and schedule professional dental cleanings with the primary veterinarian. This proactive approach aims to minimize the risk of periodontal disease, ensuring Lola enjoys a healthy and happy life.

As Lola continues to thrive, her story serves as a reminder of the importance of routine veterinary care, especially in addressing dental issues that could have long-term consequences.