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Animal Specialty & Emergency Center of Brevard

Lola's Journey from Fractured Jaw to Perfect Bite

Lola, a golden colored dog and images of teeth.

Lola, a three-month-old puppy, was attacked by another dog, leaving her with a fractured lower jaw. This is the story of how swift action, cutting-edge technique, and Lola's indomitable spirit led her on a journey to a perfect bite and a joyful life.

Lola's ordeal began when she fell victim to a dog attack at a young age, leaving her with a fractured lower jaw that necessitated immediate medical attention. Her concerned parents rushed her to ASEC, where our team of skilled professionals devised a groundbreaking approach to her recovery, keeping in mind her young age.

Recognizing the importance of allowing Lola's jaw to continue developing naturally, Dr. Morgado and her veterinary team opted for a maxillomandibular apposition; a technique involving the use of crown extenders made with composite material along with a suture held in place with buttons. These crown extenders provided the necessary stability for her caudal fractured jaw, preventing further damage and movement while allowing her bones to heal.

Central to the success of this approach were strategically placed buttons with a suture, which played a pivotal role in stabilizing Lola's jaw in the optimal position during the healing process. Remarkably, this technique did not hinder the growth of her jaw, a crucial aspect for a growing puppy like Lola.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of this innovative procedure was its impact on Lola's quality of life. Despite having her jaw stabilized, Lola could still slightly open her mouth, enabling her to eat, drink, and play with her beloved plush toys. Her comfort and well-being were an important consideration for Lola’s physical recovery and emotional health.

As months rolled by, Lola's progress was nothing short of remarkable. Reevaluated at the age of eleven months, she now proudly flaunts a perfect bite! Lola's triumphant journey from a fractured jaw to a flawless smile stands as an inspiring example of what can be achieved through cutting-edge techniques, unwavering care, and the unbreakable spirit of a young pup.