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Animal Specialty & Emergency Center of Brevard

Lucy, the Labrador: Overcoming Dental Challenges with Innovative Dental Restorations

Lucy's before and after dental images

Lucy's journey began when she was adopted as a young puppy from Mexico. At just three months old, she faced a health scare with a high fever and upper respiratory signs, leading to a visit to her veterinarian. As Lucy's adult dentition started to emerge, her owner noticed abnormalities in both shape and color. The culprit? A systemic infection during Lucy's early months had interfered with the normal development of her teeth. Such infections, marked by high fevers, can have a lasting impact on the formation of teeth during their crucial developmental stages.

Lucy's enamel, the protective outer layer of her teeth, bore the brunt of the abnormal development. The irregularities not only affected the aesthetics of her teeth but also posed practical issues. Bacteria accumulated in the grooves of her abnormal teeth, leading to sensitivity and bad breath. Determined to improve Lucy's quality of life, the dental team at Animal Specialty & Emergency Center of Brevard, led by Dr. Monica Morgado, opted for a cutting-edge procedure known as an Odontoplasty & Composite Restoration. This intervention involved smoothing out the irregular enamel and restoring the crowns of Lucy's teeth with composite material.

Lucy emerged from the surgery with a more comfortable oral cavity, free from the discomfort that had plagued her. Notably, her newfound comfort was reflected in her behavior, as she shed her "face-shy" demeanor, showcasing a positive transformation in her overall well-being. Her resilience, coupled with the expertise of the dental and oral surgery team, highlights the power of specialized care in enhancing the lives of our animals.